Monday, September 8, 2008

Grandma Doris

Something very sad...
I guess this is blogable. I found out this morning that my grandma Doris passed away yesterday. This is a picture of grandma Doris with Grandpa at Christmas at my moms house.
Grandpa passed away in 2004.
Grandma Doris and my Grandpa were never technically married... grandpa was too stubborn to marry again. He was married once and not again. Doris was always there for him and for all of us. Doris took care of grandpa for many years, just living a few blocks from grandpa. When her health got too bad that she couldn't live in her house any more she had to move to an assisted living in American Fork where grandpa would visit her and bring doughnuts for the staff and whatever Doris needed or wanted grandpa was there for her.
Doris was a humanitarian, she had several foster children in her home. Her home was beautiful, she had the prettiest flower garden I have ever seen. I remember her house having a lot of vibrant colors in it all the time from top to bottom. I remember as a kid I loved going to American Fork to visit grandma and grandpa. Doris would let me spend the night at her house, which was always a treat. I also remember her Siamese cats that she loved.
She always accepted us as her own family. She was there for us when grandpa was sick and even though it was very difficult for her she was there for us when grandpa passed.


The Olson Gang! said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. She sounds like a VERY special lady....and you grandpa an amazing man! I'm sure they are catching up on all that they can - and enjoying the reunion.

Love the stories too!!! You are just an amazing "sister" too!!!


The Brown Family said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandma! What fun memories to have though, and memories never fade! I bet their reunion was amazing! Hope you are well! We love you guys!

Maureen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma...(no wonder you aren't here tonight). She sounds like an amazing lady.

AND I just have to say.....WAHOO!! I'm glad you finally caved and started a blog! (now we'll show you all our tricks...hehe!)

Love ya!

Krista said...

Oh Becky I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. She and your grandpa sound like amazing people!

YAY for starting a blog!