Monday, October 6, 2008

Climbing Monkey....

Many of you know that I work the graveyard shift at the hospital... Casey will usually sleep in until around 9:00 and then I try to get more sleep until around 9:30 or 9:45 while she plays in her crib.

Well this morning after working last night and doing my evaluation with my manager this morning before I left I was awakened by a sweet little "what you doing?" from my lovely 2 year old standing in my room looking at me!

At first I thought that maybe one of the boys got her out before they left & had maybe turned on cartoons for her or something. Naptime was going to be the test on how she got out. Lets just say... I am so screwed! She has figured out that she can climb out of her crib! At nap today, which she usually just plays in her crib but I am okay with that because she is quiet and safe and in her crib. Anyway I heard a "thud" and then her door opening.

Currently she is screaming "mama" from her room but she is still in her crib! Advice? Mid-evil crib traps? Anything! When Chad gets home from work we are going to have to put our heads together and think of something!

AHHH... wait, the screams are getting softer.... Maybe she will actually take a nap. I am exhausted! LOL! I love being a mom.


Krista said...

LOL...I wish I could help but Kai never liked his crib and I resorted to him sleeping with me a long time ago. Wish I hadn't but at least he sleeps. I have heard benadryl does wonders. Just kidding.

Denae said...

they have little canopy tent things that you can put over the top. they eventually figure out how to unzip it then you can just use a safety pin to pin it closed.

Denae said...

hmm that didn't work.. search on the internet for a 'Crib Tent'

Stephanie Greenwood said...

so here's what we do and it's cheap- Taylor has one of the doorknob locks on the inside of his room. The ones that just spin and spin unless you squeeze them just right... works like a charm and he can't get out.

Maureen said...

OH NO!!! Not already!! After doing this with 3 children...all I can say is that different things work for different kids. Mariah learned to stay in her crib...and I gave up naps (aka, not an option for you). Sam got a twin bed at 18 months at Jeremy's insistence...and we gave up naps for him too. Harrison has a toddler bed...and we turned the door knob around because he learned very quickly how to use those "childproof" door knob locks. We've childproofed his at least if he plays he is safe.

Personally, I think the crib tent is ingenious. I'm sure you'll find something that works. Good luck!!

The Brown Family said...

Oh dear, I wish I had some advice. Peyton never used a crib... he always slept with me until he was two and then he got his own big boy bed, but he didn't get up to much mischief. Pajha was only in the crib until we came here (she was 1) so when we arrived we just had her in a twin size bed, that we put on the floor so she didn't fall off. My kids basically were just trained to stay in the bed, hmmm.... the crib tent sounds like a nice place to start.

That or just put her in a big girl bed and use the doorknob trick??? GOOD LUCK! :)

The Olson Gang! said...

WELL....The fun begins!!!!

My friend did this:

changed from a crib to a toddler bed - so the fall wasn't so high - especially since child was "DETERMINED" to get out anyway (and I think I have one is you want-it uses the crib mattress so it works great!) Then, they cut the door in half - or I should say about 6" above the door knob - (made it look like one of the barn type doors) put a "locking" door knob on the outside - so you can lock it - child can't get out - and they can't lock themselves in there either - anywho - when she would go to bed (or sleep - she does the same thing you do) she would just open the top half of the door so she could hear what was going on - but if child was awake - they would play and not get into things they ought not to..... would that help at all?

Good luck to you!!!

PS - we had to install a "door" alarm as well - because we had a "escape artist" on our hands! She would go out - I'd bring her in one door - and by the time I got that door locked and secure - she was out the other door! KIDS!!! They are so smart....until the turn 13!!! :o)