Monday, November 17, 2008

Cameron's new (used) bed!!

The bunk beds are gone!! I have not liked the bunk beds for a while, I have taken them apart and put them back together enough times in the 8 years that Cameron has had them to detest them a little. Missy inherited the headache er I mean bunks from me for her boys. We gave Cameron our old double bed, Chad hates our old bed (causes him back pain, too soft), Cameron LOVES it. We got this headboard from, was advertised as a full, is clearly a queen size (sigh). Cameron says he doesn't care that it sticks out 3 inches on each side! We just had to set it against the wall.

This is his canoe bookshelf, not new, I searched and searched for this. Found it on of course! We actually got this when we had our apartment in Provo.

Fishing/Camping decorations that I bought for him when I got the bunk beds. Things are finally coming together.
These don't really match, the stuffed German Shepherd was given to my grandpa by my mom before I was born. It used to sit in the back window of his car. When he sold his car it got moved to his bedroom, thats where we found it after he died. We thought Cameron should have it. They had a special relationship. The pic is of Grandpa's WW 2 tanker!

Cameron's dresser, again something we bought him when we lived in our Provo apartment. But it matches! I moved it from the other side of his room, full of clothes, because I am a dork and didn't think to take the drawers out! LOL.
This is Cameron's desk that Chad and I stole from him when we moved to Provo. I thought it would be nice to give it back to him so he could have a place to do his homework away from his little sister. And since it's his anyway. LOL.
This is the whole thing put together. I am going to get him a new comforter set for Christmas that will go along with the decorations and his personality better. Do they make Camping/Fishing/Pre-teenage boy comforters?!?!


The Brown Family said...

So cool! We just got bunkbeds for our kids, lol! I wonder if I will hate them someday too! Good luck on the comforter. My suggestion would be get a solid color... like blue or something that matches and buy fabric with fish or whatever and have my mom make some pillows. She does a good job and then you could tie it all in. That would be cute!

Maureen said...

I like it....that bookshelf is awesome. Plus the bed came together nicely (even if it was the wrong size).

Still makes me laugh that you moved that dresser without taking out the drawers. You are one tough woman! I can barely move mine with the drawers out!!

Catrina said...

That's awesome, I've just been thinking about finally getting my kids rooms put together. It just takes so much time! I'll post it when I do! He has such a nice room! I'm buying Josh a new bed set for his birthday coming up. They have some cool ones at Target that are striped or solid. They look cool and would go with a lot of different themes. You might also just try ebay, I'm sure they are cheaper online!

The Olson Gang! said...

hey - check out this comforter.... it is awesome!!! in the search option put in "FISHING" or a little less expensive try they have one called the MONTANA and one called RIVER RUN Comforter...I really like the RIVER RUN one - and I've purchased from Domestications before - they aren't too spendy -ship quick and nice....

GOOD LUCK!! AND GREAT JOB!!! Looks good!!! Cam & Casey are lucky!!! You're a great mom!

Krista said...

Hey I had that same desk when I lived in California. Notice I used past tense. Here is a special note: Do NOT stand on said desk! It will not support your body weight and you will be forced to throw the pieces into the garbage and not move it to Utah with you. That is a personal won't find it on the box.