Thursday, November 20, 2008

Poor Baby...

So last night, actually early this morning, when I finished my paper (about 4 AM). I went in to check on Casey because she had been coughing and crying a little. Well the coughing was actually throwing up!

I got her out of bed and we headed downstairs to watch her shows and get her cleaned up. She proceeded to throw up several more time through the night, I feel so bad for her! She finally fell asleep around 6:30 and I moved her to our bed hoping to get some sleep.

We slept till almost 9:00 when she threw up again, and then again an hour or so later. It was almost 1 PM before I could get her to drink anything! She had some toast and was able to hold that and her Gatorade down.

I just put her down for a nap and now I have to run to school to fix the mistakes my lab "partner" made while doing some work on our unknown bacteria this morning!!!

Sleep count so far for me is 5 hours plus cat naps on the couch when I can since Tuesday morning (the last time I slept well was Monday night and that was still a late night because I was working on a study guide for my Micro test I have to take by Saturday!) Thank goodness for coffee!


Denae said...

I am sorry you are running on fumes! I hate it when my kids are barfing. Its very hard to watch!

The Olson Gang! said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! What can I do to help you? I hear that flu is going around - and it is WICKED!!! NASTY!!! I hope the day was a little better for her - and you too!! I hope you get some sleep soon!! I use to be able to do sleep shifts like that...but I must be getting old! PLUS I gave up the COKE!!! What is wrong with me?!?!

Good luck on all your tests and such!

PS - did you get my email about kid watchin'?

Verlynne said...

WOW! Poor little pixie!! I hope she is doing better now. Sorry about your lab partner that is a bummer, maybe we should have a "blanket party" and she can be our guest of honor!!! ha ha ha!

Krista said...

Oh Becky that sucks! There is nothing worse than sick kids and incompetent lab partners. If you want I will pray for your lab partner to get pregnant or Chlamydia...just let me know. LOL

Maureen said...

Dang!! I hope she gets better fast. Out of all the "sicknesses" my children aquire....whatever makes them puke is my LEAST favorite. (though at least my older ones can usually make it to the bathroom)