Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Happy New Year!

This year was pretty low key, just hanging out. We watched some TV, played with the puppies then we watched the ball drop on TV.

Casey walked around to all of us and gave us hugs and said "happy new year". Pretty cute.

2008 was a busy but good year...

Cameron turned 11! My baby. LOL.

Busy working and going to school and trying our best to make everything blend together.

Passed Anatomy with a B!

Found out that Abby and Tegun are COUSINS!

Took Chemistry over the summer and got a B+!

Casey turned 2!

Bought Chad a "new" Jeep (which I have stolen since it started snowing).

Chads boss is taking chemo and Chad has to work 6 days a week till he is done.

Got rejected by Weber for the nursing program.

Got alternate #49 for UVU's nursing program (aka not a chance).

Casey got the stomach flu and ended up in the hospital for 1 night, we weren't sure we would be home for Thanksgiving.

Family pictures with the Christensen's (all 1000 of us)!

Abby had 7 puppies!!!! SO I guess that makes us doggy grandparents too.

Took Microbiology and got a B+!

I am sure there is many other things to talk about, that should do. So we are off to 2009!


Maureen said...

You did a lot this year....we should celebrate!! LOL

Fowlks Family Fun! said...

Thats alot to accomplish in one year! I wish you luck in the nursing area- I know youll be great- it just stinks that its soo hard to get into a great program! You are a very patient lady-!
Love you all- tell the family Howdy for me! (And hug my brother for me! We sure missed you all at christmas!)

Lexi said...

Hey Becky! Maureen said you wanted to be blogging friends, so I just sent you an invite to my blog. How are you!? I cant believe how big your little girl is, Its been so long!