Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hiking the Y for my Bday!

Mike and Missy at the top to the Y

Me and Missy on our way down... the only reason for the smile is the fact that we were coming DOWN! LOL!
Shayla, loving the fact that I was taking her pic without telling her!

The boys, that kicked our trash all the way up the mountain!

Cameron running up the face of the Y.

A pretty good way to spend my bday morning! I will be sore for days tho! I am getting too old for this!


Catrina said...

That looks awesome! I wouldn't make it half way lol! Good job! Happy Bday! I miss you guys at work....seriously!

The Brown Family said...

Fun!!! Happy late birthday :) I hope you at least got some yummy cake after that hike. Sure do miss you guys. We will be there in a few weeks for Kelceys wedding. I hope we can get together more than usual. Love you

Summer said...

Go You and Happy Birthday! I have never hiked the Y. I would probably die! Good job all of you!

Kimberlyn Roundy said...

I think it has been years since I hiked the Y and it kicked my trash back then. Happy (very late) Birthday!

Fowlks Family Fun! said...

Looks like alot of hard work. What were you thinking???- Just kiddin! Love you all!

Diana said...

Hey! Happy late birthday! What a fun thing to do! My son would love to hike it so we will have to add that to our plans (which list is very small). Of course, we have a "P" we can hike here in Payson and it's not a long hike at all... hmmm. Tempting. Anyway, miss you guys and happy birthday!