Friday, May 8, 2009

My Little Climbing Monkey

Casey has always been a little rascal.. climbing all over everything and everybody... making us crazy along the way.
Today she proved that all of her climbing has paid off... she now has ROCK CLIMBING SKILLS!
This rock wall is at a park up Hobble Creek Canyon, it's about 7 feet high and she went right up it on her 1st try!


The Olson Gang! said...

Just like her daddy!!! :) (I'd put a helmet on her though... Chad enjoys the "SCARS" - girls... not so much..... ;)

Time for another one!!!! CHAD!!!!!

Diana said...

What a cute video! She had NO problem! She definitely has had good practice!! Such a cute little girl and what a good dad to get close in case she falls! Looks like fun to be out in the warm sun!!

Kimberlyn Roundy said...

So cute. I remember when my little sister was 18 months and we found her on top of one of those fences on the back of the baseball home plate. It was all down hill from there. She climbed on everything. Good luck.

Catrina said...

Wow, she did awesome! She was pretty quick! I think you might be in trouble! lol

The Brown Family said...

Takes after her Aunt Kerryne I think. He he he! Tell her I will take her rock climbing for real someday, she rocks. I swear she looks like she was born to do it! Love you all, miss you all! Give her kisses for me!