Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today was our 4th anniversary. We didn't do very much since I had a big test the next day but we are headed to Wendover next weekend for a night of R & R!

Casey was so kind to give us a show for our anniversary, I guess singing the alphabet song while washing her hands and using her mouthwash has paid off!

What a smart little monkey she is turning out to be... I wonder where she gets if from?


Fowlks Family Fun! said...

I think she gets them brains from her daddy! Nice job Casey! Becky she is the cutest little girl! We just love her! Happy anniversary- have a great time in Wendover!

The Brown Family said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You know... about the brains... that is a tough call... she is one smart cookie.. maybe your brains combined just makes some of those there amazing brains :) Sure do love her and her phone call today was the best. KISSES to all. Love you guys!

Catrina said...

I totally love that she takes a bow at the end! So cute! And Happy Anniversary!