Monday, June 28, 2010

3rd annual Technaglass Olympics!

My hard working hubby...

My CrAzY daughter

LHM guy and Chad's boss

Attempting to get a pic of Casey while she ran in circles... ugh! Crazyness!

Chad's boss checking out his handy work.

A+ in customer service!

The finished product! WTG babe!

ha ha... Cam thinks he will be able to get this for his 16th birthday...

"I call shotgun"

What a cheeser!

Kinda looks like she is chewing him out for driving too fast. lol.

Eat your heart out Danica Patrick!

SWEET cars this year!

Sunday we got there a little earlier so we could watch some of the races. We sat in the shaded grandstand while Chad went back and forth between us and the second heat of the Olympics.

A rare moment of Chad being able to relax this weekend.


Me and Casey hanging in the heat.

Cameron is such a lucky sucker... he caught 3 hats, a T-shirt, got 2 stickers, and a chapstick from the Rockstar people... then he got a piece of carnage from one of the races... lucky sucker!

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The Brown Family said...

Sounds like a BLAST... so did Chad win again this year or did he decide to let someone else have a turn??? Love you guys... miss you so much