Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Island Park, Idaho

Our first vacation as a family.... EVER...
I don't even know if anyone even reads blogs anymore, I have a few that I "stalk" but I have been a slacker when it comes to updating mine. It's been so long that the only good place to start would be in the present. 

This post is going to be picture overload. But that why we look at blogs anyway right? For the pictures... 

Long story short, Chad has been working out of state in North Dakota basically since I finished school. Recently he was gone for 7 weeks! So when he was able to return home we decided that no matter what, we were taking a much needed vacation.

So... on Chad's (and mom's) birthday we packed up the Jeep. Dog kennels on the roof and all and headed for Island Park, Idaho. Chad has been talking about this place since we got married and every year we talked about going (we even reserved a cabin once and had to cancel). I have never been to Idaho so I didn't know what to expect. I LOVED it! We will be returning on a regular basis! 

Day 1: August 28, 2012

This was the only picture taken on the way up... 5 hours in a cramped Jeep with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 parents was not the most picture worthy experience. We did survive. 

Where we stayed... It was perfect. They have all the amenities for a comfortable "camping" trip. General store, restaurant, pizzeria, saloon, fuel, and clean towels everyday.  

 This is Roxy, we got her at the humane society in Spanish Fork after our dear sweet Abby died unexpectedly. We were so sad and Chad was in North Dakota so we got her to make us feel better. She's petrified of other people, it's so sad. But she is a goof and she makes us laugh so she's worth the work. She settled right in. I was hesitant to take her, I thought she would be so scared she would just hide the whole time. I was wrong, she had a blast (although, there wasn't a lot of people around so that helped).

Kaizer was making himself at home too, they loved going outside and running around like unruly country dogs with no leashes and no fences. 

My crazy Casey Mae gathering all her stuff to take to her very own bedroom. She was so excited and ran around exploring the cabin.

The loft area, Cam slept up here. There were 3 beds up here and 2 bedrooms downstairs and 2 bathrooms!

Getting settled...

The view from our living room window.
An ATV trail and the river!

Beautiful, clear skies.

A critter creation.


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Kerryne said...

Okay, first of all... Abbey??? I didn't even know. I'm so sorry.... what happened and secondly I LOVE that you guys took a vacation. It looks like it was perfect.. my fav memories of childhood are of Island Park. I am super jealous. We might have to plan a trip next year (better start saving!). I miss you, love all these beautiful pictures and new posts. I read them all!