Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Last Day of Vacation... Time to head home.

Day 4: Last stop, Bear World

On Friday we packed up, checked out of our cabin, loaded into the Jeep and headed home. We had one more stop on the agenda. BEAR WORLD! Apparently this is where some of the retirees from Yellowstone go to live out their golden years. We were happy they were there. It was so much fun. Yet another place we need to schedule more time for. Next year.

Its a baby, he's so cute!

Lounging by the pond.

The rare white elk. He's so awesome!

Mr. Buffalo

Grizzly bear. They had an electric fence around him and his friend. He was fantastic.

Black bear being curious.

Yes, that is the same road we were driving on. He's just chillin'. 

So many bears just cruising around. It was so much fun.

This one was basking in the sunshine. We had to go around this one. There was no way he was going to move for us.

Getting that itch.

This one wanted to come with us. 

Mr. Moose. This is the only one we saw the whole trip! What the heck?


Driving home. Thank goodness for modern technology. Look at the pics in sequence. Its a riot!

All in all a great trip. We could have used one more day. We will plan better next year. A very much needed vacation. The first of many. 

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