Friday, October 3, 2008


In my last post I talked about all of our accomplishments... Apparently, I forgot one. Chad is very proud of our progression of JEEPS! We must not have loved white Jeep very much because the only pics I have are of it being taken apart to donate "organs" to blue Jeep. LOL.

This is blue Jeep saying goodbye to white Jeep, white Jeep is going to a better place. Blue Jeep thanks white Jeep for it's organs... seats, lift kit, tires and wheels...

This is blue Jeep all put together and happy! White Jeep lives on in blue Jeep!

This is the latest addition to the Jeep family. '03 Jeep Grand Cherokee, almost everything Chad wants in a Jeep. Very happy and well taken care of...LOL. Chad works very hard to provide for his family & he has deserved to get a new Jeep for a long time. I am just happy that he is happy! :-)~

P.S. Grand Jeep didn't replace blue Jeep, we still have blue. He is a good work Jeep for towing stuff and pulling out trees! OH YEA! Good fun. We are considering fixing up blue so that Cameron can drive it. (Hopefully I will be dead by then so I don't have to worry about him, or maybe we can build a BUBBLE around blue Jeep! LOL!)


shell said...

So great to see Cam and Casey and the JEEPS!! Very fun!
I love that we can keep in touch this way and I hope you are all soing great.

Maureen said...

So what else can Cameron do in his bubble?? Can he at least look at the jeeps?? LOL

Catrina said...

What a cute little jeep family! I love it! I know what you mean about the bubble thing. I wish it was that easy to protect our kids! Yikes, I'm scared to even think about the driving age!