Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pre- Halloween Howling!!

(Junior with his ball, always together!)

Oh the Howling! My house sounds like a Haunted House!
Here's the story....
It all started with our beloved Junior, the best GSD in the world!

(Junior sleeping on Tegun, note the ball close by)

From Junior we got Tegun. When we had to put Junior to sleep 2 years ago poor Tegun needed a friend to keep him occupied and out from under my feet. SO we went to SL on Christmas Eve and picked out Abby, she was the RUNT of course but a cute puppy (but all puppies are cute).

(Abby as a puppy.. her ears are still floppy)

Despite Abby being the runt she has been a good dog, except for the more than occasional POOP on my floor (which didn't start as a puppy, it started after a 40 mph jump out of the blue jeep on 500 W. in Provo into traffic). She sleeps in Casey's room, she lets Casey pull her around by the collar, climb on her, whatever she just dosen't care. We love that she is so mellow, like a couch potato, kinda like us. So when she got to be around 2 we starting thinking that between Tegun's size (he is a big dog) and Abby's mellow-ness they might make some good puppies... while comparing pedigrees we discovered that THEY ARE RELATED! Just our luck! Lets see if I can keep this straight... Tegun's great-grandparents on his mom's side is Abby's grand-parents on her dad's side!

(Tegun and Abby... can you see the resemblance? Me neither!)

So the search was on for a boyfriend for Abby, she is still a good dog with good qualities (plus the jeep thing cost us about $800!). She is in heat now and we found her a boyfriend in Santaquin, he is so pretty, dark mask and a thick frame. We took Abby out there on Thursday (after I took a 31/2 hour mid-term) and there was FIREWORKS! We are excited! We should have puppies by Christmas, the only thing is that while Abby is in heat we have to keep Tegun away from her. He is not happy about it! So he HOWLS... my neighbor even said that normally she dosen't even notice we have dogs, then she heard Tegun howling outside and he sounded like he was hurt so she went to go see if he was okay because he sounded so sad, he is sad! He dosen't know it is not good to be in love with your cousin! LOL! My crazy life saga continues!

(Tegun, the big dog)


LeAnne, Uppsen & Kohen Christensen, Downes said...

Okay....You guys are so cute! I can't believe that I've only seen casey once...that was the wonderful thanksgiving after she was born...sigh. I'd love to see her she's getting big!
Well I hope you get some pretty puppies out of her and maybe I might want one...Just have to convince Uppsen that it's okay to have a dog! LOL! Give the kids kisses for me and wish you all the best!

Fowlks Family Fun! said...

Beautiful dogs and amazing kids- and the jeeps are not too bad either!!
Good Luck with getting her to stay in her crib! Jordan was like a master escape artist from about 9 months old- All I can say is they eventually grow out of it- like when their 9!?!

Maureen said...

Oh how funny! (but sad for Tegun)...poor guy! Separation sucks!!

Congrats on things working out with Abby though....awesome!!

The Brown Family said...

Oh HOW FUN, puppies! I can't believe that your dogs are related, LOL... that is too funny. Can't wait for puppies... and by Christmas? Why can't our pregnancies go that quick? So unfair. TWO MORE WEEKS UNTIL I LEAVE..... WOOT WOOT... Can't wait to see you guys. Pajha is dying to see Casey :)