Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update... hehe... mommy wins for now!

I just have to take this one day at a time.... so far Casey hasn't climbed out of her bed since my last, very desperate post. I searched the internet that night for baby jails, toddler beds and other contraptions that would keep my monkey in her crib! I even considered turning her crib upside-down! LOL! Not really, but geese! That night I told her to stay in her bed, and with some bribery with M and M's she stayed and was still there in the morning. Nap time went about the same as well as bedtime the next night. Again this morning, in her bed! Daddy gave her a flashlight to play with and she found it this morning and was playing with it IN HER CRIB! I was at school all day and Daddy had the day off so she didn't get a nap, "she didn't want one". LOL! Currently she is sleeping soundly, flashlight, sippy with chocolate milk (I know, at least it's not a bottle! Another time for that story!) and I had to bribe her with french fries this time (not M and M's this time, maybe tomorrow though :-). HEY! I will take it!

The pictures aren't recent, I don't dare go in her room now! I couldn't resist though!... so cute though! I have so many pics of her sleeping! She gets herself into the funniest positions!


Krista said...

I love it! I like how Chad gave into the whole I don't want a nap. I have long been of the opinion that naps are not for the child but for the sanity of the mommy. Atleast, that is how it is at my house. I am also a HUGE fan of works well to get them to pee in the potty too!

Maureen said...

LOL...we (well, Jeremy) still used food to bribe Harrison sometimes. Maybe she will stay put for a while...I hope so for your sake!

I completely agree with Krista...naps are most certainly for the sanity of the mommy!