Tuesday, November 11, 2008


As many of you might know the whole bedtime routine has been a little difficult around our house. We have grown a lot the past couple of months, I say we because there has been a lot of growing on behalf of the kids and the parents.

When Casey turned 2 I talked to her doctor about her giving up the bottle, I expressed my concerns with her screaming for 4 hours when we tried to take them away... me working graveyards and needing a nap more than her... her very over-worked daddy handling things by himself while I am always gone to school/work. He was very supportive and understanding and believed things would happen eventually.

We were ALL finally ready to pack up the baba's. It had been a while since we had caved and given Casey a bottle for bed and she hardly even asked for one, if she did she was easily talked out of it. I think we left them in the cupboard for SECURITY. Casey was very helpful in packing them away and now bottles are deemed "yucky and for babies". Woot! Woot! Now for potty training... um... yea... maybe some other time. So far her response to going pee in the potty is a big fat NO!

Cameron has decided to grow up a little too... only his got him into trouble... lets just say he is a horrible liar and I so busted him! I think he would be upset if I shared his shameful moment so I will just leave it at that. I am not looking forward to him being a teenager! UGH!

Chad continues to work 6 days a week. His boss is getting chemo and can't work so many days a week. Some weeks he gets a day off during the week and I actually get to see him, but most weeks we play the pass off game with the kids and the day to day. Crazy-ness is all around us.

In other news.... UVU has decided I was their 89th choice out of 40 spots for the nursing program for January. Lets just hope there were more than 89 applicants and that I didn't come in dead last! I suppose my 3.52 GPA for my pre-reqs was not up to their standards. So I am on to another semester and on to another plan on how to get into a nursing program without spending a fortune!


Maureen said...

Oh man!! 89th?? I have NO DOUBT there were more than 89 applicants. Still...that sucks!!

Yeah for getting rid of bottles...Jeremy and I decided that AFTER he gets done with school would be a good time to wean Garrett of his. Right now I think it would put me over the edge....

I hear you on the hand off thing...at least you are touching hands!! Hang in there. It can't last forever (can it?)

Kimberlyn Roundy said...

Keep hanging in there. You will get into a nursing program.. UVU does not know what they are giving up. You are going to be a dang good nurse someday.

The bottle is one thing I am glad not to have to worry about. James never seemed to mind one way or another. He actually drinks from a cup already, hopefully it sticks.

Daisy Paige said...

Boo on the nursing program. I'm doing all the paperwork/testing right now to apply to the dental hygiene program, which only accepts 14 students - so scary. They rejected me last year for having Chem 1210 instead of Chem 1110, which is why you had the pleasure of getting to know me this summer!

Catrina said...

Yay! No more bottles! It's so awesome that she helped you pack them up!

I understand about the almost teenager thing too...ummm scary! I am totally not looking forward to it!

I can't believe you weren't top choice for nursing school! Your GPA is great...they are just a bunch of retards. I had a 3.6 and was only made an alternate at one of the 3 schools I applied for. Luckily I got in as an alternate....maybe you'll get lucky too!

Krista said...

Literally as I am reading this post Kai Kai comes downstairs and asked for a baba! Man, I wish I could get him to give them up. I think we are going to have to throw them in the garbage and watch the big truck take them away. I won't be needing them again anytime soon anyways!

Hang in there! You will get into a program. In the meantime I will pray for a bunch of girls ahead of you to get pregnant or something Ok?!