Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy Halloween from the Christensen's!

It took about 45 min to do hair and make-up for this Halloween.
I did Cameron's first and by the time I was almost done
Casey thought it would be a good idea for me to "baby paint" her face too.
Thank goodness.
What is a puppy costume without a spot around the eye,
a black nose and whiskers?!?
We went to my mom's house to show her the costumes and do some Trick or Treating.
Then we came home and had some Navajo Tacos (first timer) for dinner.
They were nummy!
Cameron went out in the neighborhood with some of his friends.
Overall a good Halloween!

This picture is cute because Casey is trying to sit on the porch the same way Cameron is...

I just like to do pics of them standing next to each other because there is such an age difference between them so I think it is cute so see them side by side.

Cameron, the shredder ware-wolf!
P.S. I am a first timer on the ware-wolf make-up!
Not too shabby.
You can't really see it but we sacrificed a doll for the hair (she had cancer anyway ;)~j/k) and I hot-glue-gunned the hair to the sleeves of his shirt for hand hair.

I thought it would hurt him less if I glued it to the shirt instead of his hands.
I know, you are thinking I am TOTALLY getting mom-of-the-year for that one!!!! LOL!

Kind of DORKY but it works!

Puppy dog whiskers and a cute wet nose!

This is Casey getting the hang of Trick or Treating.
She is a quick learner when there is CANDY involved!

This is why Casey had piggy (doggy) tails for ears instead of wearing her hood.
She fought it!
And yes, I am holding her hands so she can't take off the hood so we could get just 1 picture of her with her floppy doggy ears!


Krista said...

Hey, I am mother of the will have to campaign hard for it for next year. Maybe you could do something like not let Casey cross I-15 on her own. LOL

Bingham Day's Chronicle said...

How freakin cute are those kids of yours. cute,cute. Thats pretty clever of you to glue the hair to the shirt . I would not have thought of that.Its a good thing I was not involved with that It would have gone on the hands. Sorry Cameron.

The Olson Gang! said...

GOOD JOB on the makeup!!! THAT IS AWESOME!! I can't even tell it is Cameron! YOU ARE GOOD!!!

But....I'm afraid I'M MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!! only child NOT dressed up for the Halloween parade....that certainly warrants Mother-of-the-year! Better luck to you next year! ;)


Maureen said...

Wow! Cameron's make up is amazing!! I am duely impressed. And I gotta say...Casey makes the cutest dalmation I have ever seen!! (LOVE the black spot around the eye...)

I laughed at Casey not wearing her puppy hat. Some kids just hate hats...Garrett was NOT having anything to do with his either...go figure!

Fowlks Family Fun! said...

You did a great job on the costumes! Love you guys!