Friday, November 28, 2008

I overdosed on pumpkin pie!

LOL... Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! It is my favorite for many reasons...

1. It's a time to get together as a family without the added stress of BUYING PRESENTS... everyone is there just to be there!

2. I love all the yummy food that is associated with Thanksgiving...

3. I like to try new recipes every year

4. It gives me an excuse to eat as much pie as I want... I have to try them all right?!?


This year we went up to my sis-in-laws, Shontell, to have the feast.... but first we all gathered (minus 2, Justin who was sick and his daughter Caylie who was with her mom) the WHOLE Christensen family for pictures (thats about 40). Chad has 8 brothers and sisters and all but 1 of them have spouses/kids of their own... you can imagine how the numbers can add up quickly. We even have 1 great grandchild and 1 on the way... thats 2! I can't believe it.... Hopefuly the pictures will be ready to view soon so I can show you the MAGNITUDE of the whole situation! It was a small miracle that we even pulled it off, all thanks to some great planning by Shontell who arranged the whole thing!

All in all a great day and a great THANKSGIVING!


Fowlks Family Fun! said...

Thanksgiving was great! It was fun to see you and the big, bad Chad! So great to see the kids! We love you all! Why dont you move to our valley- it would be so sweet!! JK

The Olson Gang! said...

HEY!!! Thanks so much for being here! It was sooooo good to see you all!! It is good to see that Casey was doing so much better. We really need to get together more often - and just have fun....low stress...NO STRESS... just fun! THANKS again for all you did to make the day special! We just love all of you! And are so thankful to have you in the family! (I hope that we don't scare you away....we are kinda a lot to take in!) THANKS AGAIN!!! Get ready for CHRISTMAS!!! (and I'm all for LOW key there too! So don't stress out!)

Love ya!

The Brown Family said...

I love the holidays and I love Thanksgiving. I am so grateful that we were able to be here this year... to get together with the whole fam damily! I always have so much fun, we are a funny bunch and there is never a dull moment. Shontell is amazing at pulling stuff off too, don't know how she does it but I am glad she does.

Love you all

Maureen said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Glad the picture worked out....can't imagine that many people in one shot. Jeremy's sister wants to do a family pic and I volunteered to help her coordinate it (I know...I'm nuts!!) You'll have to show me yours so I can see what I'm in!