Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is Abby really pregnant... you decide

Time to vote... we have our suspicions... Thought this would be fun.

This picture was taken a few months before we were thinking about breeding her... about the time we figured out she was cousins with Tegun! She is about 58 lbs here.

This is her laying in the hall way between the kitchen and living room... maybe a little saggy but aren't we all?!?!

AWE... she loves a good belly scratch... then again don't you?!?! Looks kinda round to me... what do you think?

Time for a treat... Chad almost lost a finger with this one... hungry puppies? You decide... (hint: compare this pic to the first one)

View from the back... she carries well if she is... time to vote. There is a poll on the right of my blog.

She weighs in at about 68 lbs now.
This is the dog we have been trying to get to gain weight for 2 years now.

Cast your vote. Voting runs till 12/10. If she is she should have her puppies between 12/12-12/19. The final results are up to Abby.

1 comment:

Maureen said...

Oh my heavens!! You weren't kidding....look at that round belly!!

Go Abby!