Thursday, December 11, 2008

More pics of puppies

Day 2:
Abby is being a VERY good mommy!
So far she is very tolerant of us and lets us help (like when you can hear puppy squealing and go counting heads and find a puppy under her!).
When she goes outside she is "knocking" to come right back in and then down the stairs and back in the pool with her puppies.
She won't let Tegan close to the puppies.
Sometimes he sticks his head back there... I think he is just curious...
she growls... he leaves...
he knows his place.

During a head count we had to count tails (above there is a puppy under Abby's leg).
We found a puppy under Abby's back leg, but when we lifted her leg he was just eating away... happy as a clam!

Casey petting Abby... "good girl Abby".

Sneak a little pet of the puppies... "soft". I have to agree with her... they are soft.

The look on her face is priceless... I think I had that same look on my second day of breastfeeding... thank goodness I only had 1! Props to you Abby for feeding 7! Of course I only have 2 boobs and she has like 8 or 10 but I think a couple of them are MILK DUDS!


Day 3:
Dogpile in the box (I was cleaning out their bed and changing sheets while Abby was outside, don't tell her. He he).
They are starting to look like dogs. They are getting some different colors on them. Some of the boys have silver patches on their toes!
Black and silver GSD's look really good when they grow up!
I hope we get some of those!

Too cute for words!
This is our first born girl and the first born.
She was the only one that came out breech... and now she is sticking her tongue out...
do you think she is trying to tell us something?


Fowlks Family Fun! said...

Becky and Chad- they are amazing! Beautiful! WOW! Congratulations and good luck with them when they start walking- I cant imagine keeping track of 7 babies!
Love you guys!

Summer said...

Ok those puppies are so cute!! Are you going to sell them when they are older? I think I might need one! They are so cute! I love the pictures of them all piled up together! So cute!

The Brown Family said...

Sooooo cute! I showed the kids tonight and they cried because we couldn't come out right now and see them in person. Hee hee! So that leads to my next question. When would be a good time to come see the cute little pups?

Maureen said...

They are precious!!