Monday, December 8, 2008

The Official Count is....

SEVEN!!!! 2 Girls and 5 Boys!

Abby did so good! Yesterday she didn't really eat very much which is unusual for her... she can usually clean out 2 or 3 bowl fulls.

I had to work and while I was at work Chad started to notice that she was hiding behind the couch.

He went and got the pool cleaned out and put her bed in it... there she stayed for most of the night.

When I got home from work I was a little surprised she was still pregnant, but I was relieved since I wanted to sleep a little.

Meanwhile Cameron woke up late and missed the bus. I made him wait till Casey woke up to go to school... because if I would have woke up Casey that would have been the end to any of my sleep... and because I am a shoe-in for mother of the year... LOL.

Abby stayed behind the couch most of the day. She started to make me really nervous around 2 when SHE STARTED PUSHING!!! I think it was around 4:30 when the first pup was born then another one every 20 min-1hour!

This is our very first puppy... a girl. She is VERY dark black, and cute of course.

As soon as I saw puppy I had Cameron call Chad and tell him to get his A&& home.

Chad just had to finish what he was doing and he was on his way.

Abby had 3 puppies before he even got here!

Casey thought they were Kitty Cats... LOL! She is a funny kid!

Casey handled the whole thing very well. She just hung out and watched cartoons and checked on the Kitty's every once in a while. It took some time to convince her that they are puppies, not kitties. Whatever. They are adorable.

Cameron was so excited. He wanted to put on some gloves... you know... in case I needed some help. LOL. I know he would have dove right in if I would have asked. He did most of the photos.

We did have one scary moment... LIKE THE WHOLE THING! Kidding. One of the puppies came out without any of the after birth and Abby chewed
the cord and it wouldn't stop bleeding... I was worried about the stuff left behind so I called the vet. He said it would come out with the next puppy... it did... that puppy scared us. He was okay, he just had 2 sacks around him!

I am so tired. Chad is tired. Casey is tired, tho right now she is fighting to sleep so Chad is laying on her floor. I decided to get these pics posted and then I get to study for my Micro Lab final on Wed. My mom is going to come sit with the babies... ALL of them.

Abby is doing really good. She has been outside but she goes right back to the puppies. I just had to go downstairs because I could hear a puppy really crying... it was stuck between Abby's bed and the side of the swimming pool. Maybe she hasn't figured out how to move them where she wants them.

It's going to be a learning curve for all of us. I am glad at least Abby knew what to do. BTW... the whole mommy dog eating the after birth and CHEWING off the umbilical cord is quite gross and I wasn't prepared for it!

This one we call Scarface. Abby was trying to get a hold of the sack when he was being born and got his nose. He was the one with the bleeding umbilical cord too! Luckily we had some silver nitrate sticks for cutting dog nails and just used that (after a phone consult with a friend that is a vet tech).

This was Casey's post most of the time.

"Hi kitty cats"

Good little mama!


Verlynne said...

Becky I am so happy for you! You are a sexy g-ma!!! Abi did such a good job and they are b-e-autiful!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

Maureen said...

Yay! She WAS pregnant.....whew!

They are so adorable. Congrats!!

The Olson Gang! said...

WOOOHOOO!!! I'm thinking Kerryne is glad she missed all the excitement! CUTE KITTIES!!!

Well, you thought you had sleepless nights before.... good luck!

What an exciting day though! Glad everything went well! It's amazing they know just what to do - don't you think?

Need help with names? Bry has a ton.... every critter around here has a name...(but they are stuffed ones of course- THANK GOODNESS!)


Bingham Day's Chronicle said...

Holy crap they are cute puppies. Abby looks so calm. Becky how ever you look a little nervous. I am glad all went well. My kids want to come and see them when they get bigger.Congrats Mal

Krista said...

They are so cute! Not cute enough for me to want to buy one, but so cute! I am so proud of you puppy grandma.

Catrina said...

Yay! They are so freaking cute! I'm excited for you grandma!!! It is pretty gross watching them eat the afterbirth though huh! eeewwww!