Saturday, December 6, 2008


This is Verlynne, Ryan, Catrina and her husband Jared (only his arm ;)

We rode with Verlynne and her husband Ryan... we were an hour late... boohoohoo!

The ride out to Wendover was a RIOT! We listened to "hair bands" from our younger days. Nothing like sitting in the back seat with your girlfriend and head-banging to Skid Row and Poison! We had to do something to pass the time... it was dark so we didn't even see that stupid, ugly concrete "tree" on the way there.

We got there during the intermission between Restless Heart and Blackhawk. We missed ALL of Restless Heart! So sad... that's what happens when you have kids, traffic, errands, Chad worked and had to shower and I had to finish my drink before we left!

My Hubby Chad, his boss Gary and Gary's wife Melinda... Gary and Melinda were the only ones that made it to the concert on time.

WOOT! WOOT! Go Blackhawk!

Chad got a guitar pick from Blackhawk!! LUCKY! It just happened to land in his chair. One lady infront of us was trying to catch them down her shirt! LOL!

Little Texas was up next... we were having so much fun. Towards the end of Little Texas I grabbed Verlynne, Catrina and Melinda and we danced right next to the stage!

Pounding our fists on the stage. The guitar player kept coming up to us... and egging us on. There was this random person next to Melinda that must have been a groupie or something but it payed off for Melinda because she got a picture autographed!!


To be honest with you... the details of the rest of the night are a little foggy... I do recall going and getting some food with everyone before we passed out! LOL.

I hung out the window for a while trying to keep everything down and Catrina thought I might fall out of the window... silly Catrina. I did not fall out the window. See I told her I would be fine. LOL.

The next morning... okay late afternoon we went to breakfast at the Red Garter. The actually have the slot machines that take real money... not tickets... so we did some gambling before we left.

Chad and I didn't do any gambling the previous night... again, a little blurry.

I seem to have also developed a pretty good bruise on my shin if anyone has any insight to it... Please don't tell me. LOL.

The ride home was a typical ride home from Wendover... not nearly as fun as the ride up there.

When we were almost home there was a HORRIBLE car accident on the freeway that held us up in traffic for about a half hour.

I was lucky enough to come home to a still pregnant Abby and a CLEAN house... Thanks Kerryne.

We had so much fun. The only money we gambled with was our change that we collect when we break a dollar. So all in all a AWESOME night!

Merry Christmas Hunny!

Thanks again Kerryne for watching our kids!

I hope you had as much fun in Wendover as we did!

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Maureen said...

You guys are a hoot! I had no idea that Verlynne and Catrina were going....I guess I need to pay more attention. LOL.