Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa was at Provo Mall!!!!

We went to the mall today to finish up some Christmas shopping... CRAZYNESS... Anyway we took the kids to go see Santa, this was Casey's first time going to see the big man.

Everybody waiting to see Santa

The big guy himself!

Casey NOT having it and me trying to get away and out of the picture. Cameron wasn't very excited to see Santa but he was a good sport.

Verlynne's kids JC, Ryan and Shayla. They looked about as amused as Cameron. I think that Ryan actually spoke to him. Not sure tho.

It was fun to take the kids to see Santa, maybe not on December 23rd tho. The mall was a mad house. Something about the holidays just seems to make people loose their minds.

Merry Christmas!


Verlynne said...

OMG!!!! You suck! I know I am a retard and didn't get you good pictures, but I can't believe you put me on there with my big fat gut! Your lucky I love you sis!!!!!!

Maureen said...

LOL! You are brave...going to see Santa on the 23rd. But I went to Walmart that day...so I guess we are all insane!