Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Revels

We went to Cameron's Christmas play. It was a folk type Christmas program. It was a nice change from the typical Christmas programs with all the traditional music. There was a lot of flute and piano playing.
I really enjoyed it!

This was Cameron's opening act.
The danced around the whole gym.
They stopped in the back of the room so I took advantage of Cameron standing there for a minute and walked up to him so he knew we were there.
Casey gave Cameron a big hug and proceeded to
his name for the ENTIRE rest of the play.

Cameron is easy to spot in this one... he has his head down.
I wonder if he was doing what he was suppose to or if the other kids weren't doing what they were suppose to?!?!

It was cute to go see his play, they worked so hard on it and
Cameron thought I wouldn't make it because I worked the night before.

This was the closing songs. Both Casey and I had a lot of fun watching Cameron.


Verlynne said...

Cameron looks so incredibly happy!!! You are such a good mom!! Cameron is a good looking little man, you better be careful!

Maureen said...

What a cute play! Verlynne is are a great mom, as reflected in his face. Hope my boys turn out as happy (and mild mannered) as him!