Saturday, December 13, 2008


Cameron was looking out the window at the snow after my nap today.. well Casey spotted the snow and was sooooo excited to get outside in the snow!
This is her snow get-up!

Cameron shoveling the drive-way for me. He looks too serious!

She was trying to tell me something...

Casey kicking snow into the path Cameron just shoveled. What a terd.

This is me attempting to get a pic of Casey's face. She was too busy looking at the snow to look at me!

Making footprints in the snow

Throwing the snow.

Okay... so I totally have a video clip that I took on my phone and I can't get it to flip...ugh.. ><... I also had some clips from the concert that I couldn't get to flip... double ugh! ><

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Fowlks Family Fun! said...

They are sooo cute! Cameron is such a gentleman! THats a sign of a great mom!
Hey- I need your address to mail christmas card! Can you get that to me??