Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Techna Glass Olympics!

Such great customer service!

My hard working man.... it was only 109 degrees out there on the black top. He does this every day!

This is THE judge, he was flown in from Philadelphia with his son to judge the olympics. These are the same judges that do the National competition in Las Vegas... no pressure ;)

The Award ceremony

The owner of Techna Glass giving Chad his award

3rd place baby! YEA!

Checking out all the goods!

Shay and Casey at the award ceremony.

The kids in front of one of the midget cars
This is the cutest video of Casey dancing with Dillon after the olympics during the races!


The Brown Family said...

Whoooo hoooooo... yeah baby! that rocks. Congrats on your placing. My brother is the bomb! And hello... did you see the moves on my niece? Sweet! Love you guys :)

Diana said...

No pressure! 3rd place is awesome! I would crack under that kind of pressure! What a pro!

Catrina said...

wow...i could so not do that job! i'm just not one to be out in that kind of heat! that's so awesome that he got 3rd place!!

Casey is so freaking cute! I loved the dancing!

Fowlks Family Fun! said...

Awesome Chad! And what a sweet niece I have! Cameron is pretty stinking cute too!