Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Freaking Out!

That is the state I am in.... freaking out! I start the LPN program at MATC in 1 week!!!! I have so much to do and I have done so much but I still feel overwhelmed!

*Books- check (don't ask how much)
*Financial Aid- check, what a pain that has been
*Uniforms- check, well half, I still need tops and the patch
*Daycare- check, I hope it all works out like I need it to (thank goodness Cameron doesn't go back the same time as me)
*Work schedule- check

Still need to:
*Finish Math (final on Thurs)
*Finish History (you don't want to know how much I still need to do there!)
*TB test
*Tops for clinicals
*I would like to scrub my house (that's not going to happen)
*Grocery shopping...... the list just really goes on and on. UGH!


Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

Take a deep breath! You are going to do Great!! You have SOO much great experience that is going to help you so much I promise. If you have questions about the program, assignments, tests, whatever. You know my number. Call me anytime!

Chad and Becky said...

thanks Amanda... I appreciate it! I will take you up on your offer for sure!!!

Stephanie Greenwood said...

I'm with Amanda, you'll be fine! When I got into school, I went to work force services and got a grant to help with all the schooling expenses. I'm not sure what the grant is called but it has to do with a mom improving the situation for her kids. Might be worth checking out. (They gave me $8000 but my school was a lot more expensive)Good luck! I'm cheering for you!

The Olson Gang! said...

breathe....breathe....breathe..... RUN!!! No... just kidding! You'll do FABULOUS!!!! I should have hired you this week! Could have used someone else's patience! :) and someone that KNOWS what to do...

See ya at the reunion... RIGHT?!?!?!


Summer said...

I am so happy for you! It is a lot to do, but soon you will be all done! It is so worth it! You are so awesome! Keep going! You can do it!!

The Brown Family said...

Your amazing... if anyone can do it you can! I honestly look up to you in so many ways! Your the greatest, and I can't tell you enough how awesome I think you are!

Thanks you two for having Casey call the other night. It made our day. She is a doll and we miss you all!

Fowlks Family Fun! said...

It was great to see you tonight! Good Luck with school- I know you'll do great - you'll be the best dang LPN EVER! Let me know if I can help out!